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The time you were demoted / fired.

(09-04-2020, 02:46 AM)Beasthian Wrote: Well, couldn't sign the agreement back then so I was stuck at Lvl 3 doing a fair service to the players <3
eventually resigning

Demoted lately for inactivity
Before I was demoted from Level 3 to levle 2 for abusing in CO:RP. But I got my level 3 back quickly (it was temp demotion).

Got once promoted to an operator in Total War, considered I was one of the most toxic kids back then lol.
Was around 2012 I believe.

Got fired by Morroco for knifing Admiral in admin area and insulting him, because i knew he was corrupted and closing eyes on some factions and players rulebreaking, abusing etc.. Morroco wouldnt listen and fired me after i knifed him. Admiral ddosed lscnr some time after.

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