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The time you were demoted / fired.

(09-04-2020, 02:46 AM)Beasthian Wrote: Well, couldn't sign the agreement back then so I was stuck at Lvl 3 doing a fair service to the players <3
eventually resigning

Demoted lately for inactivity
Before I was demoted from Level 3 to levle 2 for abusing in CO:RP. But I got my level 3 back quickly (it was temp demotion).

Got once promoted to an operator in Total War, considered I was one of the most toxic kids back then lol.
Was around 2012 I believe.

Got fired by Morroco for knifing Admiral in admin area and insulting him, because i knew he was corrupted and closing eyes on some factions and players rulebreaking, abusing etc.. Morroco wouldnt listen and fired me after i knifed him. Admiral ddosed lscnr some time after.

Welcome to Los Santos Cops And Robbers (LSCNR), a RAGE:MP server. Our server is running a custom made Cops And Robbers gamemode, a mix between Roleplay, Team Death Match and Gang Wars. Our server is constantly being updated, features are being balanced and new features are being added.

Do you enjoy chasing criminals and fighting against crime in a big city of Los Santos or do you enjoy causing chaos, stealing high end vehicles, robbing stores & banks and capturing city territory from other factions? You can pick a side you prefer and switch roles at any time! No need to gain reputation in the other team and wait for them to finally let you in like it is a common case in Roleplay. If you prefer to roleplay, you are protected by anti-deatmatch rules and if you prefer fighting other players you may join a faction and enjoy endless faction wars for city territory!

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