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The time you were demoted / fired.

Alex demoted and fired me, big sad.

I don't actually recall the time but Beasthain had an issue with me because he thought I was not following his orders, I was an operator back then and Beasthain was like LVL 3 admin. Players were reporting about a ban evade and he was insisting on me that I check the accused players, I had said him I cannot do anything about the reports as I wasn't able to check IP address of individual player being an operation. He was trying to frame me of not following admin rules because I couldn't follow his orders. He reported me to an admin and C5 Dust who had hired me before was the guy who fired me later. After some years we had a conversation (w/ Dust) where he told me I was fired for no legit reason. Actually I have no hard feeling for that guy(if you are reading), we cool now.

I was actually introduced to samp from my brother activ567. I followed him and found this amazing game, later when he was done with the game as his exams were running; also he thought he was playing this game for so long he thought that he is done playing it. He gave his prime account to me( after I was fired from the operator role), I used to play by his account. He used to play the game some time by making new accounts, one time he was banned for Aimbot(which he wasn't as he was so good because he was playing for so long), he didn't think there was a reason to make a ban appeal as he wasn't going to play anymore. I didn't know about that, as I was playing from same Ip the ban followed to my account( *his actually) for ban evading also my previous owned accounts were banned, it was so frustrating for me because I wanted to play that game so badly.
Since I was on pursuing education on the toughest university in my country and also thought it was not necessary for me to make an appeal.

Overall the I had a great experience in this community, got to meet new wonderful people from around the worlds like Dipex, Medhi(aka MrDi), Nour, Pisk, Uncle(one of the best samp player I've ever seen), [RUSH]Veni , FATALTIGER, CrazyBoy, ... and my other homies. Peace out.

Yah, this was my entire CODE5 experience. Sorry if I am acting like a victim or something.


I remember mapping for Total War at the time when I was level 4 admin (stayed level 4 for a very long time).
I was in contact with Mean at the time (he was the only scripter for TW that was semi-active) and proposed new scripts and maps to him.
He didn't like scripting for TW anymore, I can remember that, but as he was the only scripter we had to insist to get new features in Total War and he did them.

The thing is, I just liked making new maps for Total War as it was one thing that made us stood out from the other C5 servers.
Doing this made me feel part of the "higher ups" and started to care for the server deeply and felt responsible.

Now, I don't remember when, but one day Superwet became an admin, as I remember he came from another server (I think Resurrection?)
He also had a level 6 admin who was a very good friend of him (I don't remember the name).
Well I got into a huge fight with him and TW natives all rallied to my side because he was "the intruder" into our server.
I gotta say a lot of admins/players in TW were very close to eachother because we weren't the biggest server but we had our share of players who were part of TW for years.

Now, this fight turned into a huge mess, with other admins also insulting him.
For whatever reason I got instantly fired by the level 6 admin who was Superwet's friend and banned.
He tought this would stop the conflict, but it didn't, as he didn't know how close the TW admins were and a lot of people started backing me up.

Now, when things calmed down, Exo rehired me fairly quickly and I became level 6 admin (I think when you were level 6 you were that level on all C5 servers?). Anyways I don't remember but I remember joining Resurrection being a level 6 admin and no one knew who I was haha.
I'm still thankful to him for rehiring me to this day as he recognized how I cared about the server.

When I was level 6 it didn't take so long for me to lose my passion for C5.
I think some factors contributed to this: growing up, being admin for all those years and having nothing to strive for anymore (being a level 6)

All what's left now are great memories and a family I've built up on Total War over the years that I'll never forget.

I remember i got summoned by Boul1 twice and by exo once in the first time i joined staff team.
Got demoted by Boul1 and fired by exo.
In the second time summoned bunch of times by abed and demoted fired by him aswell abed.
Abed u  fat fuck  Angel

I think it was in 2013 summer when i gave myself goggles (lvl 3) and bugged players unintentionally, to have an instant demotion by vegeta xD i remember I took a bad impression of him that time, but i didn't rly expect to work together with him 5 years later on v8 and realize that he's a nice guy

Resigned as a level 4 admin, because I had to be inactive due to university stuff.

Never fired nor demoted. Summoned once I think..

demoted 2 times by ept ;s

i was fired by abed for being mardick

Never demoted, once summoned for ip display in proof. Revenge sometimes cause u such things

I was stucked at tw lvl 3 for 1 year almost and never get reason despite signing agreement. So in the end after firing hopes I resigned at my birthday. A sweet gift for myself. Superuser tried to convince me as his duty but I was done
My theory is because I was hired and promoted by drinktea and that time it was kinda fresh topic

ArbazZ TW

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