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Staff / Player Confessions.

An admin mistakenly gave me 30k points in 2012. I never really disclosed that to anyone. I also spent a whole week DDosing TW in 2013 because I was bored.

I was once an admin level 2 on LSCNR.

I took my admin duty serious but when I was playing as a regular player, I had trouble letting go of my ego.

I would sometimes toggle aimbot from here and there just to get back at the players who were harassing me.

Also tampered with the vehicle handling so I can drift and powerslide around Los Santos.

I would used to glitch through the walls and plant weed in there. To make it worse, I encouraged some of the players I know to use this method. This was against the server rules.

Whenever I would almost lose a fight, I would disconnect my internet.

(14-07-2020, 03:47 AM)Megatron Wrote: Agh yes,

Saw this thread and I just had to finally get this off my chest hahaha. Quite frankly, I'm impressed with my ability to keep a secret, I don't think a single soul knows about this. Essentially back in 2011, our beloved C5 community had a massive roll-back on saved accounts - which meant that many players had lost their in game score. Now, I badly wanted to become an administrator within a week of playing on Resurrection, however, there was a minimum requirement of 15,000 score. I had about 300.. 

Honestly I never enjoyed playing RR for the objectives, I was just in it for the administrating and the laughs. Anyways, I guess at this point you already know where I'm going it; I faked a screen shot and applied to have my "old score" given back. I got about 17,000 score, and the very next week I applied to become an operator. A couple of months later I was promoted to Community Manager. I never felt scummy about it since I only had good intentions - but man did I make sure that no knew I was a fraud when it came to my score hahaha. Shout out to my boys Njale, Alex, Gangster, and Exo if you're reading this. Much love from LA <3 Hope you're all staying safe.



Hey, what about me kid.

Well in 2009,i was 10 yrs old and i found out about samp, the first server i entered was lscnr, i fell in love immediately. It was perfect. Soo i had no idea about any rules or shit, tho i was able to speak english fluently even back then. I got banned for rdm i think, and i ban evaded a zillion times, i was a kid i didnt even understand. I came in some months later with a new name and today here i am, I know a lot of people were eager to find this out hahah, i am [PG]budalalala indeed?

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