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Total War

Deadlus reporting in.
As far I can remember i was in [SAS], [UF] and in Delta + [HAWX] which I created.
Also I was operator in TW.

I found some proof from 2013 on my youtube XD 

[Image: gallery23.jpg]
Nostalgy kicks in.
And umm I remember all of you guys <3

Just reading all your names made me go on a nostalgia trip.

God damn those were some good years. I still remember hitting 5k score (back when that was the highest rank) and felt so proud of myself. (Even though I didnt personally hit the 5k mark, it was new year's and some admin, who's name I cant remember now for the life of me, gave away ~500 score)

Glad to see the forum back up.

Edit: forgot this gem.
Don't judge, I never said I was good at the game XD

Hello guys!
long time no see ! miss ya all
i am iSpam aka price from the 2010-2015 era
i hope to see total war back online

(18-04-2020, 03:36 PM)[C5]iStar Wrote:
(18-04-2020, 02:27 PM)Driftgod Wrote: tbf Cold, you were one of the more silent HRs on TW... but you were very nice nonetheless

shoutout to my boy Saurik for getting banned though lol

Saurik has been banned? Lol
I don’t remember that Confused
Total War - HR Manager 
LSCNR - Head Admin
Resurrection - Lead Admin

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