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That one MOMENT.

I'd like to know that ONE moment that is the sole reason you're still around - else you would be long gone.

Here is mine.

Its about me and Tjofi/Sergang/Saurik. When I used to no-life back in 2011/12 and SAMP was the only thing I loved most, I was banned by Shady(Amiro and Shady) for using health/or some other/ hack. Though, I didnt but the proofs were solid apparently and my ban appeal was about to get denied. I was literallt shivering and heart beating was high af.

I connected TW to pass my time and I met Sergang who was playing with "Saurik" IG-Name. He said "Tell shady that Sergang ask him to unban you". I kept asking who is sergang, but he didnt tell me. But I was unbanned as soon as I sent a pm to shady.

Here I met Saurik for the first time and he got me unbanned. Shout out to Saurik.

I would give a little bit of context here in order to say that particular moment:

In 2009, i was a total noob playing around, doing silly things and fooling. I was playing in australia (yes, i started playing on aus...) and i readed a lot of hate towards rojo clan and i though "why these delta guys hate those rojo guys?". Then i discovered that a total war used to be played every single day all day long inside and around A51 because by accident i jumped on a delta rustler who landed on A51, in all this time, i only played in SF lmao but i arrived, we capture it (it was usa, not soviet) and they told me to select A51 as my spawn point. So, i saw a bunch of red dots on the mini map and out of no where around 15 Soviets joined and beat the shit of out 5 deltas that were there and of course, my ass. After some days playing as Aus and defending A51, i realized that Soviet and ROJO where too strong to play against and i decided to play with them.

I got trained by ROJO , fakiller rapmex nabe mario, they helpmed me to learn a lot but don't accepted me in ROJO... Then, i joined SEF in 2010 and i meet the most loyal players and friends that i never met. They would play 15 hours at day side by side with me, they would give all of his effort to do the things even if they died like 10000 times. They did a lot for me, his sacrifice meaned a lot to me. This is the reason why i decided to stay in RR until his end and i became a leyend. ROJO, SEF and RUSH, my clans.

(22-04-2020, 12:52 AM)ToXiC Wrote: Here I met Saurik for the first time and he got me unbanned. Shout out to Saurik.
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