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Do you have any warm memories of C5's past ?


Hired as operator by Wateraqua (2013 I guess)
Having my contract approved and getting a promotion to level 4


not exactly

Played as Meteor, M3t3or, MeteoR_ and probably some other variations.. played crazybobs for a good while before finding C5 and was instantly hooked (around mid-2013 I would guess). Much quicker pace and much more action. Predominantly played cop and had good fun with anyone who was on. 

Joined many clans such as KB, WGD, FK, SM (serbian mafia), to name a few - though I didn't speak Serbian they were really welcoming nonetheless. Capturing points was exciting with the crew.

Countless hours in SAMP in general, no regrets. Wish I recorded clips while I was on there, would be great to remember who I once played with.

Wow look at all yall sick people , for sure we all remember Joshua[TA][THC]. Where the gang at, feels good to be back here! Big Grin Yo Homies!

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