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Full Version: Not a server honestly, YouTube content
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Hey hey hey, Its me firas aka sonic, So basically i did not find a section for htis so decided to post it here, As some of you know, I became a rapper some time ago, Not a soundcloud one btw lel, so anyways, Nowadays things are pretty boring for me so i ended up removing my own songs from youtube and doing some Anime Music Videos, Fight scene music video and 8D Audios on my channel, You can find a lot of great nightcore content, I upload 2-3 Videos daily, Anyways, Here is the channel and 2 examples of the videos i do, Hope you guys support me by subscribing and watching my videos(Please don't subscribe unless you like the content cuz i want engaging audience not just numbers lel)
Channel Link
Nightcore / AMV's

8D Audios

 really hope you guys enjoy what i'm doing, I know its being pretty boring specially with this coronavirus outbreak and quarantine, A lot of people are suffering, I wish everybody is staying safe at home, So ye, Enjoy ! Smile 
Moved it to off-topic, added for stuff like this ;p