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(07-04-2020, 06:56 PM)ExoSanty Wrote: [ -> ]Hi there folks!

I decided to bring back the forum, once used by many thousands, to get back in touch and chill or perhaps make new things like io-games.
Or just post some memories of a glorious time.

Just to be clear, i have no intention of bringing back SA:MP-servers.
If you're wondering about obtaining a copy of one of our old scripts... LS-CnR was sold exclusively, so that one is out of the question.
For all the other scripts, i'll see if there is interest in them...

Go invite your old friends and enemies!

BTW: Just installed this new forum, so many things won't work yet. Working on it.
Depending on how busy it'll be here, we'll need some moderators. Preferably old C5 Staff.

Would love to take a look at it, brings a lot of memories back, is it still possible to get a copy of RR?
Might not be recognized by anyone, I used to play a lot before, was an admin there aswell, changed my id
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