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Full Version: What is this?
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yoooo everyone Smile all my allies, been fun working with ya, all my (clean playing) enemies, been fun versing ya Smile
god i miss how admins mistreated me where they keep banning me for same bullshit reason wallhacks lol not my problem if my draw distance are maxed out Tongue

anyways, what's good everybody? i hope ya'll are safe at your home gotta' keep the virus away lol keep ur hands clean
Hey folks
Hello all Smile

(06-05-2020, 06:22 AM)Drink_Tea Wrote: [ -> ]DELETED EXO

Yep, there is interesting in purchasing these scripts heh!
of course it's interesting to compare the scripts Lol Xd  Smile
Hola guys  Smile
(25-06-2020, 07:13 AM)AntMan Wrote: [ -> ]Hola guys  Smile
Hi friend hiw are u
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